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Android will forever change the way you text

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On Android, the default messaging no longer relies solely on SMS. Indeed, Google has adopted RCS technology, a protocol which allows us to offer a messaging experience similar to that found on iMessage or on applications such as WhatsApp. And in recent years, the Mountain View firm has continued to offer updates to this protocol, including end-to-end encryption. On the other hand, if the Messages application on Android does not yet have the “Edit” button which, on certain platforms, allows you to correct a message or publication after it has been sent.

But, the good news is that this feature is reportedly under development. In any case, that’s what the TheSpAndroid site says. He had been seeing clues for a while. And now, the functionality would even be hidden in the beta version of the Messages app for Android. TheSpAndroid indicates that he was even able to activate the new feature, to show us how editing messages will work, when it becomes available.

In essence, when you long press on a text message, a new edit icon, a pen, would appear at the top of the screen. Then, simply press this icon to make the modification. TheSpAndroid also explains that a message would only be editable 30 minutes after it was sent. In addition, the application should allow you to consult the modification history of a text message. Otherwise, at the moment, we do not know when Google plans to launch this new feature. But in any case, it will be a major change for texting.

Google goes all out on messaging

What is certain is that messaging is a priority for Google today. As a reminder, after trying to find a place in this market via Hangouts and Allo, Google is now focusing on the integration of RCS on Messages. In December, the firm announced a series of new features for this application, which already exceeds one billion users. Among these new features, there is a new customizable interface, or the possibility of creating emojis from photos.

But the announcement we are most awaiting is that of Apple. Currently, when a person uses an iPhone, they cannot communicate with Android via RCS, and must use old-fashioned SMS. However, Apple has already announced that it will integrate RCS into the iPhone this year.

“[…] we will add support for the RCS Universal Profile, the standard currently published by the GSM Association. We believe RCS Universal Profile will provide a better interoperability experience compared to SMS or MMS. It will work with iMessage, which will continue to be the best and most secure messaging experience for Apple users,” Apple said. However, it has not yet indicated when, precisely, it will offer this update.

  • Thanks to RCS technology, Android's default messaging allows you to take advantage of advanced features that are not available on SMS
  • And Google should improve this messaging experience by integrating an “Edit” button which will allow you to modify a message already sent
  • TheSpAndroid site discovered this new feature in a beta version, and explains how text modification will be done on Google Messages
  • Currently, RCS allows communication between Android smartphones, but Apple has already announced that the iPhone will also support supports this technology

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