Andrzej Duda and his declaration of assets. Many wanted to know its content


Andrzej Duda's asset declaration is a surprise.

Andrzej Duda and his declaration of financial interests. Many wanted to know its content

Internet users and readers of many tabloids eagerly waited for the moment of publication of the declaration of assets of politicians for 2021.

Andrzej Duda surprised with his fortune. Nobody expected such news

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All of them are available on official websites, and among them is the declaration for last year belonging to the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda.

The official website of the supreme court is the place where we find out that Andrzej Duda has about 30,000 zlotys, as well as some 100 euros left in bank accounts. in addition, the politician is the owner of Stokan shares worth 60,000 zlotys.

To this you must add the content of the third pillar, amounting to approximately PLN 29,000. He is the co-owner of a cooperative apartment with an area of ​​79.4 square meters, undeveloped plot of land, an area of ​​325 square meters as a separate property and an apartment of 132 square meters with a garage having 19 square meters, which is also part of his wife's property. President Andrzej Duda does not own any house, nor does he own any car.


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