Andrzej Piaseczny was unable to hold back his tears. “You hit my sweet spot”

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Andrzej Piaseczny made a sincere confession.

 Andrzej Piaseczny was not able to hold back his tears.

As the “Interia” portal reminds, Andrzej Piaseczny is one of the jurors in “Dancing with the stars”. It is not the only program we can see it in. Recently, Piasek took part in the program “It's just one day”, in which the stars have the opportunity to meet people with disabilities. This meeting brought Piask to tears. The artist made a sincere confession.

“It's only a few days”

The format “It's only days” means that the stars change places with caregivers of people with disabilities, getting to know their everyday life. In episode 5, Andrzej Piaseczny appeared at Kuba, a 28-year-old who lost a bone as a result of a cancer disease and was replaced with an endoprosthesis.

It was a very emotional meeting, which re was full of moving confessions, both from the 28-year-old and from Andrzej Piaseczny himself. In an interview with Kuba, Piasek made a sincere confession about his father. This is a topic that the singer does not bring up very often in public.

He devoted a lot of space to his mother and spoke openly about their relationship. In the “Old Lady Must Fuck” program, he said that although he usually tries to separate his private and professional life, love for his mother is something he is not ashamed of talking about and which he does not intend to hide.

Mention of father

Much less often, Sand talks about his dad. The memories he decided to share with Kuba were painful for him and talking about it caused the singer to tears. He admitted that this was his weak point.

The musician revealed that his dad died of cancer. “I remember that as a child I felt my father's love, he was and it was fun” – said Piaseczny. He added that when he was a teenager he did not need a father, and now he regrets that he is not given to feel “the love of a father in adulthood”. He did not hide his emotions at the same time.

 Andrzej Piaseczny was unable to hold back his tears.

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