Andrzej Rosiewicz has been performing on stage for seven decades. That won't change soon. It's all because of the artist's retirement

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How much is Andrzej Rosiewicz's pension?

Andrzej Rosiewicz has been performing on stage for seven decades. This will not change soon. The artist's pension is to blame

As the “Super Express” portal reminds, Andrzej Rosiewicz has been present on the Polish scene for 7 decades. The artist began artistic performances as a young boy. Rosiewicz is not going to leave the stage, at least for now. On the one hand, the love for what he does keeps him on it, on the other hand, the artist has no other choice. Extremely sad facts about 78-year-old Andrzej Rosiewicz have come to light.

Andrzej Rosiewicz does not disappear from the stage

Andrzej Rosiewicz is a man who can be boldly referred to as “the man of the orchestra”. He is a great singer, guitarist, dancer, composer, choreographer and finally satirist. The artist has not left the stage for 70 years! Watching his performances, one has the impression that regardless of the passing time, he still has great strength and joy from what he does.

Unfortunately, the truth about why Andrzej Rosiewicz still has to appear on stage, she is extremely sad. The artist, like many other artists, cannot count on a particularly high pension. Cessation of performances is not an option, because he would not be able to live on the money from ZUS.

Andrej Rosiewicz's extremely low pension

It turns out that the artist's pension is only PLN 590. This is due to the fact that artists work on the so-called “junk contracts” and do not pay pension contributions.

Fortunately, Andrzej Rosiewicz himself does not lose his cheerfulness. In an interview with “Dobry Tygodnia”, he stated that he was “a former scout and athlete, and now a jet artist. And I stick to it. Despite my age, I am still physically fit”.

Did you expect that much for Andrzej Rosiewicz's benefit?