Andrzej Sikorski from “Sanatorium of Love 4” revealed the backstage of the production. What we did not see in the program


Andrzej Sikorski revealed what happened on the set of “Sanatorium of Love”.

 Andrzej Sikorski from

In an interview with the portal “Pomponik”, Andrzej Sikorski revealed which scenes were not included in the episodes of “Sanatorium of Love”, which we had the opportunity to see on TV. It turns out that the participants had the opportunity to take part in many competitions, which ultimately did not make it to the program. What scenes were cut out?

Andrzej Sikorski honestly about “Sanatorium of Love”

The fourth installment of “Sanatorium of Love” was shot in the village of Polanica Zdr & oacute; j. It was there that 12 patients appeared, including Andrzej Sikorski. The participants of the program could not complain about the lack of emotions and challenges. They had the opportunity to stay in tents, play paintball, take part in canoe races, and even fly a helicopter.

Andrzej Sikorski revealed that the producer's way of presenting the events “was close to the ideal”. He admitted that, in their case, the production did not direct anything in the direction they considered appropriate, but presented the patients and the events with their participation as they actually were.

Andrzej Sikorski also had no objection to how it was presented in the TVP love show. “I was shown, let's say 95 percent as I am,” he said in an interview with “Pomponik”.

“Sanatorium of Love 4”, we did not have the opportunity to see it

Andrzej Sikorski revealed that the viewers did not have the opportunity to see everything that happened on the set of the program. No wonder, each episode had a strictly defined time frame, which forced the production to select the material.

Andrzej admitted that we did not have the opportunity to see, among other things, aerobics that took place in the pool or how seniors had the opportunity horseback riding. Kuracjusz also added that what was shown in the program was “the essence of what happened there”.

Would you like to see an episode of “Sanatorium of Love” with scenes that did not fit into the episodes already broadcast?


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