Angelina Jolie sues Brad Pitt: she claims the actor hit her and strangled their child

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American actress Angelina Jolie accused her ex-husband actor Brad Pitt of domestic violence. She filed a lawsuit against him, reports the BBC.

Angelina Jolie sued Brad Pitt: she claims that the actor hit her and choked their child

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This a lawsuit in the proceedings on the sale of the French winery Chateau Miraval, which the former spouses acquired together.

Jolie's lawyers said the actress didn't want to go public with the 2016 private jet incident, but Pitt forced her by filing a lawsuit over the sale of her part of the estate and winery.

Brad Pitt claims that they had an unwritten agreement that they would jointly own the Chateau Miraval, and went to court over its sale.

In the new lawsuit, Jolie alleges that in 2016, when they flew to On board a private jet from France to California, Brad Pitt made a drunken row and fight.

“Pitt grabbed Jolie by the head and shook her, then grabbed her shoulders and shook her again before pushing her against the wall in the closet”, – the lawsuit says.

Then it says that Pitt attacked the children when they decided to defend their mother.

It describes a real fight: the actor allegedly strangled one of their six children, another pushed, and Jolie herself was doused with beer, grabbed by the hair and hit the wall. She suffered injuries to her elbow and back.

“The children rushed and bravely tried to protect each other. Before it was all over, Pitt strangled one of the children and punched the other in the face. Some of the children begged Pitt to stop. They were all scared and crying”, – the lawsuit says.

Five days after the fatal flight, the actress filed for divorce. Pitt denies all charges.

In 2016, the FBI thoroughly investigated the incident on board the aircraft, but no charges were filed.

Last year, the court granted joint custody of the children.

A source close to the actor said that Jolie's statements – false. “She continues to rephrase, revise and rethink her description of the events that happened six years ago, adding false information whenever she fails to get what she wants, – the source said. – Its story is constantly evolving”.

Pitt and Jolie bought the Chateau Miraval estate, which is located on the territory of the vineyards, in 2008. At the time of the acquisition, the total value of the estate was $ 25 million.

As noted by representatives of Pitt, the winery became a real passion for the actor and turned into a “multi-million dollar business” thanks to his efforts. Pitt said that he and Jolie had an agreement not to sell their shares in the business without mutual consent, but Angelina violated this agreement.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie separated in 2016, while they officially divorced only in 2019.