“Angry” newborn baby is an internet star. The girl is already two years old. What it looks like


It's been two years since the photo has made a sensation on the web.

& quot; Angry & quot; the newborn baby is an internet star. The girl is now two years old. What does she look like

Almost two years have passed since the picture of a furious baby on the day of her birth became a cult thanks to this, that the photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann commemorated the right moment, and so far we have not been able to forget the girl's face, because she starred in the best memes.

And it seems that if you come into the world angry, the irritation will never go away, at least they said that clearly the child and the photographer because they recreated the scene that made them famous.

Toddler is the same as two years ago

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Rodrigo was hired by a happy family for taking a photo and filming the birth of little Isabela Pereira, a girl from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

For him it was a working day like any other, so it never occurred to him that a single photo would change his life forever.

When Rodrigo posted photos on social networks, they became extremely popular and Isabela has earned the nickname “a furious baby.” Moreover, her birth coincided with the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, so many users of & oacute; w assured that the baby already knew what to expect and were very pissed that she was born right now.

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The girl is now two years old and can still make an “angry” face, this time for a photo with Rodrigo's friend.

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