Animal Crossing, the Sims 4: the containment of us are geeks ? [FOLDER]

Animal Crossing, Sims 4: le confinement fait-il de nous des geeks ? [DOSSIER]

Animal Crossing, Sims 4: le confinement fait-il de nous des geeks ? [DOSSIER]

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It seems that at the time of the confinement, all the means are good to pass the time. Including geeker on Animal Crossing or the Sims 4.

The containment has seen the birth of many geeks in the grass. In effect, the titles “Animal Crossing” and “The Sims 4” are acting as a refuge in this time of pandemic. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

While we have to stay with us, many people are launched into the adventure Animal Crossing. Others have even downloaded or reinstalled the Sims 4.

It must be said that at the time of the confinement, all means are good in order to occupy our days. Even geeker to escape to a good time.

Naturally, some franchises are victims of their own success. In particular the new title of Animal Crossing : New Horizons “.

It must be said that the game had been expected for months already. That said, his exit is timely.

As for the Sims 4, the game is currently experiencing a second popularity, as if it were a new game. However, EA Games do not skimp on the promos to lure ever more players.

Therefore, some have been able to get the Sims 4 for a dozen eurosinstead of 39,99€ in normal times. What to do a hell of a savings !

But why, therefore, these two simulation-of-life appeal to them so much in this period ? Here are some elements of response.

Animal Crossing, Sims 4: le confinement fait-il de nous des geeks ? [DOSSIER]

Animal Crossing, Sims 4: le confinement fait-il de nous des geeks ? [DOSSIER]

Sims 4, Animal Crossing: containment makes us geeks ?

The Sims 4 or play the real life during the containment

Many people regret not to be able to go out as before. That’s not a problem, the Sims 4, we can make a whole bunch of things that we can not do today.

At least, that is what the players are looking for, by killing the time to geeker on it. It is a way to keep the morale in these hard times, because the game is full of opportunities.

In addition to the more sadistic laughing to drown their sims by removing the ladder, many see it as a way to pass the time. It is, therefore, a way like another to continue to live, by proxy.

If it currently feels stuck between 4 walls, this was also the case of our companions virtual as it was 15 years ago. In fact, in the Sims 1, the name, our avatars could not leave their house except to go to work.

Does it remind you of anything ? Then, we could see them leave their home with the arrival of the opus ” Allowed out “ on consoles… The Sims had they predicted that we would need a certificate to do our shopping ?

This time, the roles are reversed. Our Sims can now go freely to party or take a walk in a park, so that we need a permit to get out !

Animal Crossing: the sun, the coconut trees and not the shadow of the covid-19 !

For its part, the new part of Animal Crossing has made a big splash. At the time of the confinement, the game seems to be unanimity. This is to say that the community was waiting for him on a firm footing.

While the Covid-19 we are compelled to remain among us, Animal Crossing : New Horizons arrives in time. Available from the 20th of march, the game has become the place to be, for lack of being able to go out partying or walking around.

What is certain is that the concept far beyond the ages. Plant decor : you arrive on an island populated with characters half-human half-animals.

Then you need to decorate this environment to your image and help its inhabitants. This, in joy and good mood, and without making head. It is an easy life, in fact !

The program : exploration, collection, fishing, farming, and missions of any kind. All in a framework of caring and colourful and above all, no time expiry !

You live to the rhythm of the island, without too much worry about the hassles of everyday life. Because here, not the shadow of the coronavirus…

Well, almost… Because you can wear a mask even in the game ! But do not worry, the disease is not a problem in Animal Crossing.

On Twitter, a journalist from the Figaro wondered about the enthusiasm around this game. To which a fan replied : ” it is the lure of a simple life, fantasized, without money problems, sickness, or paperwork.

“You flânes, you walk, you sociabilises, without drama and in communion with nature,”continues the user. That praise on this dream life.

Animal Crossing is a little bit of a utopia, at a time when the pandemic is progressing on a global scale !

Sims 4, Animal Crossing: a virtual life by proxy ?

Whether it’s Sims or Animal Crossing, these games offer us a real escape from the evils of the society. It must be said that these franchises, we offer an infinite number of possibilities.

Players also have the impression of having control over life. To the extent that these simulation games are all two-rooted in the minds of a whole generation.

Some have grown up with Animal Crossing on Gamecube and then on the Nintendo DS. While others have experienced the firstfruits of the Sims, then pixilated on our first PC.

This said, a large number must pass the containment only. It is, therefore, less comfort.

In any case, the success is present, with or without coronavirus. Even if this phenomenon tends to be amplified in this period.

Note, however, that some of them spend sleepless nights. In particular, in the Sims, which create their Sims and build a house takes a lot of time.

Especially when the players want to download mods, outfits, accessories, and other exclusive content created by the fans. In effect, they make the game more realistic than it already is.

In fact, some crafty also designed the cover of the upcoming add-on. And it is rather cur !

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