Anita Lutsenko pleased her fans by publishing a photo with her husband


January 22, 2022, 20:08 | Culture

Happy couple.

Anita Lucenko pleased fans by publishing a photo with her husband

The famous fitness trainer pleased her fans on social networks with fresh shots with her husband, whom she practically does not show to the public, informs Ukr.Media.

In her blog, the celebrity posted photos in which she and her husband posed sitting on the rocks of the coast. Anita commented on the post with two emoticons in the form of red hearts. Lovers are hugging in the footage. In one of the pictures, a man kisses his beloved on the forehead against the background of rocks. The couple's joint shots show a warm relationship between them.

Lutsenko's subscribers were delighted from a photo shoot of their favorite with her husband.

  • "Very cute",
  • "Very harmonious",
  • "What an interesting man",
  • "Very cool!",
  • "Atmosphere of love", they write they are under the photo.


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