Anna Koshmal was on a drip


    Anna Koshmal turned out to be under droppers

    Ukrainian actress, star of the TV series “Matchmakers” Anna Koshmal scared her fans.

    In Instagram-stories, the artist published a photo in which she is depicted under a dropper in one of the clinics in Kyiv .

    The celebrity said that it was a hard morning for everyone. Anna also thanked the clinic staff for putting her on her feet.

    “It's been a difficult morning for us… Thank you for your care and for being always ready to accept and put her on her feet”, — Anna told.

    What exactly happened to the actress is still unknown. However, later Nightmare published a photo in her photoblog, which was already depicted driving a car. As Anna said, she went to church.

    “I went to church, ordered prayers for all my relatives…”, — shared the artist.

    Anna Koshmal was on IVsAnna Koshmal was on drips


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