Anna Lewandowska talks about the third child. Nobody expected such an answer


Will Anna and Robert Lewandowski decide to have another child?

 Anna Lewandowska is talking about the third child. Probably no one expected such an answer

As the” O2 “portal reminds, Anna and Robert Lewandowski are parents of two c & oacute; rek. Fans are extremely curious if the Lewandowscy are thinking of having another descendant. During the “Questions and Answers” round, Lewa's wife decided to answer this question. It sounds quite enigmatic.

Anna Lewandowska answers the fan's questions

Anna Lewandowska quite often interacts with the followers, the best proof of which are the series of questions and answers she organizes. Through social media, fans have the opportunity to ask Lewa about various issues that bother them.

In a party organized in Wednesday, Anna Lewandowska was asked if she and her husband would soon live in Barcelona. All in connection with the transfer saga that takes place in the case of Robert Lewandowski, for whom Barca is seeking. Anna Lewandowska admitted with disarming frankness that “she would like to know it herself.

Third child

One of the female fans decided to ask Anna Lewandowska about it Will she and her husband decide to have a fourth child? “Honestly … I wonder what to answer hahaah. Seriously .. girls provide us attractions for four” – wrote the wife of Robert Lewandowski.

 Anna Lewandowska is talking about I don't think anyone would have expected such an answer. they were not bored. However, in Lewa's answer there is neither one-way confirmation nor a contradiction of plans to enlarge the family. </p>
<p> Do you think that Robert Lewandowski's transfer to Barcelona will turn out to be a fact? </p></p>

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