Anna Mucha summed up her younger colleagues in strong words. “Don't let them talk crap.” What is it about

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Anna Mucha spoke on the inequality in the profession.

 Anna Mucha summed up her younger colleagues in strong words.As the

Anna Mucha has been in show business for years

Anna Mucha has been present in show business for years. She made her debut in front of the cameras as a young girl. She never complained about the lack of offers. Viewers love her for the role of Magdalena Marszałek in the series “M jak miłość”. You can also see her in films, on the stage of the theater, and in commercials.

Anna Mucha is known not only for her talent, but also for honesty and open expression of her own opinion. Recently, she spoke on the issue of salaries in the film industry of actresses and actors. Talking about inequalities, she wasn't going to bite her tongue.

Earnings of actors and actresses

Anna Mucha in an interview with “Party” emphasized that, unfortunately, still men in her industry can count on much higher rates than women. She herself tries to fight it by offering the actors and actresses of her productions the same rates. Thanks to this, she has “the feeling that she has acted fine as a human and a friend, compensating these rates” – she said.

Anna Mucha criticized not only the very fact of wage inequality, but also her younger colleagues professionally. “Let my younger friends not tell me farting that they are satisfied with their salary & hellip; I am very happy that they have money for cotton pads, but if during this time guys earn twice as much as us, then something is wrong” – she said .

Szcunk & oacute; w shows that the remunerated actresses in Poland are lower than those paid to actors by about 20 percent

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