Anna Przybylska's mother revealed unknown facts about the actress. Moving to tears

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Soon it will be 8 years since the death of 36-year-old Anna Przybylska.

Anna Przybylska's mother revealed unknown facts about the actress. Moving to tears

or the movie “Season of the bream”. It's no secret that Anna Przybylska quite quickly stole the hearts of millions of Poles, because the freshness of her acting disarmed even the most experienced colleagues in the industry.

Extraordinary facts from Anna Przybylska's childhood

The artist passed away very young on October 5, 2014. After a very serious and difficult illness, she left behind her beloved and their two children. Recently, the media still mention the late Anna Przybylska, because a film was made about her life, entitled “Ania”.

It is closely related to the upcoming 8th anniversary of the actress's death. For this reason, the press and tabloids still cite the memories shared by her relatives and friends about Ania Przybylska. The very touching stories of the actress's mother are most often quoted by the press. No wonder, because these are details from the life of her favorite actress, which no one has ever revealed before.

As it turns out from the story of Ms. Krystyna Przybylska, her daughter Ania was a sweetheart who was forever hungry in childhood. She had a lot of features that Mrs. Krystyna called those of a tomboy.

As we remember, Anna Przybylska was a very cheerful person, but in her aggressiveness she did not let the proverbial groats.

Memories of Ania Przybylska's childhood and adolescence are very touching – Sometimes I was nervous, where they were they are, and they have wandered. It was a punishment to bring them home. They jumped in rubber, rode bicycles, stayed overnight in tents. The dirtier they were, the happier they were. Sometimes when Ania came back in sweatpants, I would wrun my hands. She had something of a boyfriend, a bully, but who you love and who you do not forget – Ms Krystyna Przybylska recalled.

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