Anna Trincher about the price of success, criticism and your own wedding

Анна Тринчер о цене успеха, критике и собственной свадьбе

She’s still quite young, but already knows what thousands of fans, fame and achieve goals.

Few people realize about the behind the scenes star of life. However, the actress openly spoke about all the pitfalls of his career, shared values… and forgot about love.

1. If not for the TV series “School”, I would not have met with a huge and endless world of movies

2. The main drawback of popularity is the large amount of screen time. Noticed that began to spend more time in the phone – answer the many messages and decide a lot of cases.

3. The most ridiculous information I’ve read about themselves online – the rumors that all my services was bought by my parents.

4. A fan of sincerity.

5. The price of success is a continuous work on yourself and constant victim.

6. A character trait with which you are constantly fighting – laziness

7. Most believe that justice is inevitable.

8. If my boyfriend today make me an offer, I will ask him to wait for me till I was 27 years old. So plan for 10 years and even recorded in the diary.

9. For the first time really disappointed when I realized that people don’t always treat you the way you are to them.

10. After 10 years, my future will be like this: I open my eyes, and in front a concert hall, a million people who sing my songs in unison.

11. If I could at least a day to be someone else, would be Beyoncé

12. When I’m sad, I drop stuff. Just kidding:) still do not earn enough money to constantly buy new ones. Usually just sing.

13. Friendship between a man and a woman is support, understanding, common interests.

14. Still regret about anything. I’m a fatalist and believe that everything that happens to us is for the best.

15. If I were omnipotent, that maximum would fill the whole world with love

16. When I criticize, I don’t listen to anyone. Only his “focus group” whom you trust.

17. My own life lifehack: “Work, and will continue, as will”.

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