Another death due to social networks: a woman died while searching for a popular TikTok location


A hiker died after falling 150 feet (45 m) off Snowdon Crib Goch. She got lost looking for a landscape lake she saw on TikTok. Yahoo! writes about this.

Another death due to for social networks: a woman died while searching for a popular TikTok location

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Victoria Luck, 47, was with partner Matthew Radnor. He took her to Betws-y-Coed in Wales in December 2021 as a Christmas present for her.

Luck, who has two children, wanted to visit a place near Lake Llanberis, which she saw on TikTok, but the couple got lost while searching.

The partners decided to go down the mountain in different directions trying to find their way down, and Radnor chose the route that their dog Louis, who accompanied the couple when traveling, it was easier to descend.

According to Radnor, Luck went down into the ravine and said she would continue on that path.

But a few minutes later, Radnor heard his partner screaming, but did not see her fall.

He said, “Louis was a smart dog. I started screaming and knew something was wrong.”

With his cry for help, Radnor alerted people in the area that an incident had occurred.

A Coast Guard rescue helicopter arrived on the scene, and Luck was taken aboard the aircraft, but she died of her injuries on December 19.

Luck, a special education teacher from Wolverhampton, was « impressed” by the landscape lake she saw on TikTok and it was the reason for her trip.

After her death, her father Gordon Luck said: “Vicky has a large circle of friends, she was a mentor to others . The daughter always helped others, and her house was always open to those who needed her. She was a devoted mother and a talented caring person. Victoria loved life, had a good sense of humor and was a caring daughter. Everyone misses her.”

Associate Senior Coroner for North West Wales Sarah Riley ruled that Ms. Luck's death was an “accident.”

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