Another Diesel Price Hike in Nova Scotia

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A Nova Scotia Diesel Price Hikes Again

The price per liter of diesel increased in Nova Scotia on Saturday.

The price of a liter of diesel jumped nearly 14 cents in Nova Scotia on Saturday morning. It was selling for at least $2.27 in the province, down from $2.13 the day before.

Weekly fuel price adjustment is usually done on Friday, but an additional modification took place on Saturday due to market conditions.

Diesel prices have increased by more than 40 cents per liter in the past eight days. On September 30, it was selling for $1.86 per liter in the province.

Six months ago, diesel was selling for at least $2.03 per liter in Nova Scotia. Scotland. A year ago, on October 8, 2021, it was $1.39 per litre.

As the Action's long holiday approaches thanks, the price of regular gasoline had increased by 8 cents on Thursday to $1.65 per litre. The price did not change on Saturday.

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