Another Ukrainian designer joined, making protective suits for health care workers

Еще один украинский модельер присоединился к пошиву защитных костюмов для медработников

Earlier designer Svetlana Bevza has announced that its brand free sews protective suits for health care workers, and now it became known that the initiative was joined by another Ukrainian fashion designer Ivan Frolov, who is known for his work with first lady Elena Zelensky.

As reported on the website of its brand Frolov in Instagram, the team came out of quarantine and back to work. It is noted that work according to the recommendations in the masks, antiseptics and at a safe distance.

“Today, we dumped 51 protective suit, manually crushed more than a hundred, has developed additional men’s universal size. Of course, medical needs far exceed our capabilities, so we enlisted the support of our partners who usually help us in replicating collections to stores around the world,” – said in the message.

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Publication of Ivan Frolov (@ivfrolov) 25 Mar 2020 11:13 PDT

As previously reported, Netflix has donated $ 100 million. to support filmmakers and other creative professionals during a pandemic.

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