Anoud Al Asmari, Saudi Arabia's first female international soccer referee

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  • Anoud Al Asmari, Saudi Arabia's first female international soccer referee

    Anoud Al Asmari has made history by becoming the first female international soccer referee from Saudi Arabia.

Anoud Al Asmari, 34, was named an international referee by FIFA and becomes the first woman with that status in Saudi Arabia, less than a year after the first match played by a women's team Saudi soccer referee.

"I am happy to be the first Saudi female referee to receive international status in the history of Saudi sports," Al Asmari to AFP. Seven other male referees received that status on Thursday.

Asked about the possibility of seeing him referee a match between men's teams, Anoud Al Asmari said that he would So I wouldn't think about it while a circumstance like this happened. it would not have received the endorsement of the Saudi Football Federation.

The Saudi kingdom, whose selection surprised many of the Saudis. In the World Cup in Qatar-2022, winning the future champion Argentina in his debut, he is ready to win. He is in the middle of his football promotion campaign and the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo (37 years old) has just signed for Al Nassr, a club in the country.

Arabia Saudi Arabia also plans to aspire to host the 2030 World Cup, in a joint bid with Egypt and Greece.

A women's soccer championship has been organized in Saudi Arabia since November 2021 and the selection was made by Saudi Arabia. A women's national, trained by the German Monica Stapp, defeated the women's national team. They beat Seychelles 2-0 in their first match last February.

Saudi Arabia also hopes to host the Women's Asian Cup in 2026 and is currently the only candidate to host the Women's Asian Cup. Men's Asia 2027.

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