Antek Królikowski decided to take an important step. “I want to focus now on fighting for Vini”


Antek Królikowski announces a fight for a son.

 Antek Kr & oacute; likowski has decided to take an important step.

As the “Super Express” portal reminds us, we have recently witnessed the escalation of the conflict between Joanna Opozda and Antek Kr & oacute; likowski. Since last Saturday, the media scuffle between spouses waiting for divorce has been in full swing. It started with the canceled baptism of Vincent and ended with an avalanche of mutual accusations. Antek Kr & oacute; likowski has now announced that he intends to file a motion with the court to see his son. Get to know the details!

Antek Kr & oacute; likowski announces that he will fight for his son

Antek Kr & oacute; likowski, in his publication a few days ago, argued that he did not see his son as often as he would like. He added that he would like to be present in his son's life. In an interview with “Super Express”, the actor stated that Joanna Opozda is lying and trying to manipulate public opinion.

In his opinion, the evidence of these frauds is the banking operations he showed, which Joanna performed on their joint account. He added confidently that “the truth will defend itself.” He also announced that he would fight to be in contact with little Vincent.

What is Antek Kr & oacute; likowski going to do?

According to the findings of the tabloid, Antek Kr & oacute; likowski intends to apply to the court to secure his meetings with his son, until these are agreed during the divorce hearing. The actor argues that his wife is making it difficult for him to visit. Apparently, it was supposed to bounce off the closed door of Opozda's apartment more than once.

Joanna Opozda presents the situation quite differently. He indicates that Antek prefers playing over meeting with the child and does not appear at scheduled meetings.

 Antek Kr & oacute; likowski decided to take an important step. & Quot ; I want to focus now on fighting for Vini

Do you think they will finally get along?


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