Anti-Inflation Basket: Abandoned by Government on Monday?

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Anti-inflation basket: abandoned by the government this Monday?

ANTI INFLATION BASKET. The Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire has decided to to abandon the anti-inflation basket project, to reach more products thanks to; another device. At the same time, Carrefour announced the release of its own basket of 200 products frozen prices.

[Updated; day 6 March 2023   09:16] As shown in the JDD this Sunday, March 5, 2023, the Carrefour brand will launch an “essential and nutrition” basket compound of 200 products at an average price of 2 euros, including 100 daily, at prices blocked, from March 15th to June 15th. An announcement that follows the latest statements by the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, largely pessimistic about the situation. the entry into force of a possible anti-inflation basket dictated by the government. The latter would ultimately like to set up a more targeted formula, for a minimum period of three months. "This basket is not an end, but a tool to lower the bill, and this will be possible thanks to; this device" explained the tenant of Bercy in the columns of Figaro, always this Sunday. Review of the races, everything is still extremely vague t the “first generation” anti-inflation basket should be abandoned. Bruno Le Maire, and the Minister Delegate for Trade Olivia Grégoire receive the actors of the large distribution this Monday, March 6th in Paris. 8:30 a.m. to find new solutions when faced with the galloping inflation of which the food sector is a victim.

Who is affected? by the anti-inflation basket?

All consumers, without distinction, should have access to; this anti-inflation basket. It should not be conditioned; level of income. 

Which brands will put in place an anti-inflation basket? Carrefour, Leclerc, System U

The sign Système Uhas already launched its own anti-inflation basket, with 150 products to choose from. cost price, from February 1, 2023. This indefinite duration scheme concerns 150 products such as flour, pasta, mayonnaise, cheese oil, coffee, honey, tuna, yogurts, milk, sandwich bread and other burgers. Exclusively private label products.

For its part, the Carrefour brand has launched an "essential and nutrition" basket 200 products, including 100 everyday products. This system initially runs from March 15 to June 15. At Leclerc, an "anti-inflation shield" has been established. "Because inflation continues to take a large place in our lives, we have decided to to strengthen our anti-inflation shield and extend it to more than 230  everyday products" can we read on the brand's official website.

Why does the government want to set up an anti-inflation basket?

The massive rise in the price of raw materials is influencing the cost of food for the whole of the French people pushed the government to to act. According to the company IRI study, food prices rose by 13.3% in January 2023 compared to the same period 2022. An unbearable situation for many low-income households, combined with the soaring price of fuel and electricity. De facto, the executive wants to protect the purchasing power of households through a new device.

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