Anti-Inflation Basket: Lidl, Super U… Which supermarket has already started?

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Anti-inflation basket: Lidl, Super U... Which supermarket has already launched?

ANTI INFLATION BASKET. The government is considering the release of a device during the month of mas 2023. Some brands, they already offer; some solutions. Explanations.

[Updated; day March 22023   10:24] The establishment of an anti-inflation basket to allow as many people as possible to benefit from a healthy diet at low cost. reduced prices late. The government is still working on the subject and intends to get things moving in March. In this sense, the anti-inflation basket "or another similar device with a different name" could come out of the ground "during the month of March after the government has met with the actors of the large distribution" explained the Minister Delegate for Trade Olivia Grégoire, Wednesday March 1 on the set of France 2. As a reminder, the level of inflation reached 13.3% according to ;s Insee in the food sector, in January 2023 over one year. Enough to raise serious doubts about the supply of foodstuffs for the most modest households.

At the same time, some brands such as Système U, Lidl and Auchan did not wait for directives from the executive to act, and launched their own anti-inflation device. What do the anti-inflation baskets of these supermarkets look like? What are the government's tracks? What products could be affected? What date of implementation? Discover all the answers to your questions in our dedicated folder : 

What are the products concerned by the anti-inflation basket? List

The government has not yet determined precise list concerning the products that will make up this anti-inflation basket. The list should correspond to the needs of a family with childrenincluding five fruits and vegetables with three organic, two starchy foods, red or white meat, one of which is labeled, fish, and dental hygiene products. However, this basket will not contain alcohol or any confectionery. Here are the 5 main product families that will make up the proposed anti-inflation basket. by the government:

  • Hygiene products
  • Fresh products
  • < li>Frozen products

  • Grocery
  • Cleanliness

Who is concerned? by the anti-inflation basket?

All consumers, without distinction, should have access to; this anti-inflation basket. It should not be conditioned. income level. 

Which brands will set-up an anti-inflation basket? Carrefour, Leclerc, Syst&eme U

"It's not up to the government to set the benchmarks. And if the prices are low, it is not on the back of our farmers or our producers that these margins must be found" explained Olivia Grégoire on Europe 1. Clearly, each brand will be free to draw up its list.

The Système U brand has already launched its own anti-inflation basket, with 150 products to choose from. cost price, from February 1, 2023. This indefinite duration scheme concerns 150 products such as flour, pasta, mayonnaise, cheese oil, coffee, honey, tuna, yogurts, milk, sandwich bread and other burgers. Exclusively private label products.

For its part, the Carrefour brand has launched the "anti-inflation challenge", 30 essential products for less than 30 euros. At Leclerc, an "anti-inflation shield" has been established. "Because inflation continues to take a large place in our lives, we have decided to to strengthen our anti-inflation shield and extend it to more than 230  everyday products" can we read on the brand's official website.

Why does the government want to set up an anti-inflation basket?

The massive rise in the price of raw materials is influencing the cost of food for the whole of the French people pushed the government to to act. According to the company IRI study, food prices rose by 13.3% in January 2023 compared to the same period 2022. An unbearable situation for many low-income households, combined with the soaring price of fuel and electricity. De facto, the executive wants to protect the purchasing power of households through this new device.

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