Anti-UN protesters dispersed by warning shots in the DRC


Anti-UN protesters dispersed by warning shots in the DRC

On Sunday, peacekeepers opened fire near a border post and killed two people.

Congolese police and army on Monday used warning shots to disperse protesters approaching a UN Mission base in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (Monusco) the day after the murder by Blue Helmets of two Congolese.

Police fired tear gas and soldiers fired in the air to disperse two columns dozens of anti-Monusco demonstrators in the city of Beni (North Kivu, east) at the call of pro-democracy movements.

Congolese security forces set up tents and erected security perimeters in front of Monusco facilities in the town of Beni. The blue helmets have also reinforced the security measures of their installations with armored vehicles and battle tanks, the AFP correspondent noted.

We are facing a force that has all the military, logistical and financial means to put an end to the activities of armed groups. She does not make use of it therefore, we ask for the departure of these tourists, said Losuire Shabani, of the pro-democracy movement Fight for Change (Lucha).

We will demonstrate until we actually get that start now that peacekeepers are killing us instead of armed militiamen, he added, as he launched messages to galvanize protesters. Monusco has been present in the DRC since 1999 with the mission of neutralizing the hundred local and foreign armed groups active in eastern Congo.

Protesters in front of the UN mission headquarters in Goma.

After being dispersed, the demonstrators paralyzed the city of Beni by barriers erected on the main arteries preventing vehicles and motorcycles from circulating while the security forces remained visible in several strategic corners of this agglomeration of 800,000 inhabitants, according to the latest estimates from the town hall.

In the neighboring province of South Kivu, dozens of demonstrators who were trying to block the road leading to Uvira, near Sange, were dispersed without damage by the police, said Marcel Matabishi, the chief of this city.

On Sunday, peacekeepers returning from leave in Uganda opened fire before open the barrier and cross the Congolese border at the Kasindi border post in Beni. Two people were killed and 15 injured.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he was outraged, Monusco treated this shooting as ;serious, unspeakable and irresponsible incident, while the Congolese government has condemned this incident and called on the population to calm down.


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