Antiviral quality “Amyzon” confirmed by international scientific research

Противовирусные качества «Амизона» подтверждены международными научными исследованиями

With the onset of cold weather, traditionally aktiviziruyutsya colds and flu. People are looking for ways to protect themselves and their children from diseases. The most affordable method of protection is prevention of disease. In our country there are domestic products that can solve such a problem. And these drugs are gaining popularity in other countries. This is what was discussed at the press-conference “Strategy partnership of Ukrainian industry and the world of basic science.”

Representatives of the European and American scientific community noted that the successful example of international cooperation in the pharmaceutical industry is a drug “Amizon” based on anisatum iodine, manufactured by JSC “Farmak”.

“Farmak” is the leading pharmaceutical company in the country that invests heavily in research and development of innovative therapeutic preparatuin — said chief scientific consultant of JSC “Farmak” doctor of medical Sciences, laureate of the State prize of Ukraine in science and technology Victor Margitich. Is a very important activity, “Farmaco” is a collaboration with the leading scientific institutions of Europe and the United States. This is due to the fact that drug development is knowledge-intensive and extremely expensive. In the developed world is very common the regulation of therapeutic products on the market. That is, the requirements to medical drugs are very high, and to satisfy them, you need to provide a significant amount of scientific data proving the safety and efficacy of the drug.

According to the doctor of medical Sciences cooperation on this drug lasts for more than 10 years.

“It is studied and tested in the scientific institutions of the USA, Germany, Austria, Canada, the UK, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Switzerland. In the USA we have performed a set of pre-clinical studies. They are very expensive, but “Farmak” has gone to such costs, as we want to be absolutely sure that our drug is safe for patients. Today we have confirmation of that. During the studies have shown direct antiviral action of the preparation”, — said Victor Margitich.

This information was confirmed by the Western scientists participating in the conference.

“Our Institute has been successfully cooperating with the company “Farmak”, — said senior researcher of the Institute of the Illinois Institute of technology doctor of philosophy David Bolz. We held a joint pharmacological studies and safety testing of the drug “Amizon”. In the process, made sure that it is completely safe for the patients. We also investigated the effectiveness of this drug in many strains of influenza viruses. Anisatum, is part of it, has shown its effectiveness. Once in the body, it is converted into active compound, which affects the virus by blocking it.”

In turn, Viktor Margetic noted that over the years the issue of “farmakom” drug “Amizon” has already sold more than 1 billion doses in many countries of the former USSR. And now there is all the scientific and technical foundations for the release of the drug in the European and American markets.

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