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Antoine Dupont returns with can the band play with a mask?

The French Rugby Federation has announced the return of Antoine Dupont to the group, with a "activityé progressive physics". But will he have to wear a mask when he returns to the field?

[Put to; day September 30, 2023 at 2:50 p.m.] Good news for the France team: Antoine Dupont is back in the group, at Aix-en-Provence starting this Saturday. This is what the French Rugby Federation announced in a press release. relayed by RMC Sport. However, the captain of the XV of France was authorized à resume "an activity" directed progressive physics" with "control by the medical staff of the XV of France".

With this return, other questions also arise: when will he be able to return to the field? And will he play with a mask to protect his fractured jaw against Namibia on September 21. If the forward coach of the XV of France, William Servat, wanted to be reassuring at a press conference, indicating that he had "no doubt about the capacity from Dupont to “to play the quarter-final”, he nevertheless asked himself what he wanted to do. the question of a return to face Italy, for the last group match, Friday October 6. Thursday, the health manager of the French team, Bruno Boussagol, said he was "not necessarily in favor" à a return of Antoine Dupont against the Transalpins.

Having undergone surgery for a maxillo-zygomatic fracture, the Blues scrum half could therefore play with a mask to protect the weakened area. For Bruno Boussagol, "the question does not arise today (Thursday). This is not good timing. We haven't yet discussed this. the subject with Antoine. And the leaders of World Rugby affirm: "There have been no direct discussions with the French team at this time. about a mask for Antoine Dupont." 

The mask option 

According to information from Midi Olympique, the idea of ​​playing with a mask is well within reach. the study and Antoine Dupont will meet a specialist at the end of the week. But what do the World Rugby regulations say to you? this subject? According to article 12, paragraph 4 of the regulations of the international federation, any rigid protection is prohibited. ;equipment of which any part has a thickness greater than 5mm". This clearly means that if Antoine Dupont wants a mask, he will need something tailor-made and extremely fine. In the rest of the regulations, World Rugby provides details, leaving reason for hope. "If the total thickness consists of fabric-covered padding material, the maximum measured thickness of 5mm must include the combination of uncompressed padding and non-compressed padding. and fabric but this must have a maximum measured thickness of 1mm on each side of the fabric. padding".

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