Apartment fees have reached a horrendously high level. Poles are on the verge of endurance


The media continues to provide up-to-date information on apartment fees.

 Apartment fees have reached a horrendously high level. Poles are on the verge of breaking down

Internet users and readers of social media and tabloids continue to post and publish their bills as well as notices received from their housing cooperatives.

The plan discussed by the clairvoyant was painfully pursued. Many residents have already run out of money for fees

No wonder that many residents of Poland felt a pang of fear because of rising bills and food prices, as many people for the first time in a long time did not have enough money to pay account.

This is a bizarre situation, because, according to the promises of the government, after replacing the heating method, after trusting representatives of individual ministries, we were supposed to live better. Meanwhile, since the signing of the ratification of the agreement with the European Union, the Polish economy has continued its decline.

We still hear the authorities say “it's because of the war”, but it is difficult to explain the advance payment for central heating by 215%. This is the case of the housing cooperative “Jutrzenka” in Koszalin, which announced the introduction of new rates for heat energy applicable from August 1 this year.

Such situations lead to the fact that for one person the rent will be PLN 1,500 per month. According to Interia, housing cooperatives explain that they have no other choice, and the residents themselves look to the future with fear, not knowing how they will cope with it. Will we be able to afford heating in winter?

There are many more situations like in Koszalin, and with time it will be like this in every corner of Poland.


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