Appeal granted in litigation between Enbridge and the State of Michigan

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An appeal is allowed in the litigation between Enbridge and the State of Michigan

The pipeline, which crosses Michigan and the Straits of Mackinac, between Lakes Huron and Michigan, on its way to Ontario, carries 540,000 barrels of light crude oil and natural gas every day destined for refineries in Quebec and Ontario as well as US states.

The US judge hearing Michigan's motion to close Enbridge's Line 5 pipeline has agreed to let the #x27;State to appeal a key decision, even if the case is still not settled on the merits.

Federal District Court Judge Janet Neff granted Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel's motion, clearing the way for what is known in law as an interlocutory appeal.

Attorney Nessel is actually challenging a decision by Judge Neff from August 2022, which kept the case in federal court, rather than state court. The decision was a blow to the State of Michigan's efforts to shut down the cross-border pipeline of Calgary-based Enbridge.

Judge Neff stated that it was allowing the appeal because it relates to an important and disputed question of law, and the outcome of this question could expedite the resolution of the entire case.

The federal judge also ordered that the current case still be stayed until the appeal is heard.

Michigan wants the Enbridge pipeline permanently closed for fear of an environmental disaster in the Strait of Mackinac, at the bottom of which the pipeline passes.

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