Appear and disappear. 12,000-year-old 'ghostly' footprints found in US


    They appear and disappear. 12,000-year-old «ghostly» footprints found in the USA (photo)

    The footprints of 88 adults and children date back to the end of the Ice Age. period.

    American scientists have discovered 88 footprints of ancient people who lived on the territory of the modern United States 12 thousand years ago, that is, at the end of the Ice Age. These prints belong to both adults and children aged 5 to 12. The saturation of the sand with moisture allows these traces to appear, and when there is less moisture, they disappear. Therefore, these prints were called “ghostly”, according to the Daily Mail.

    They appear and disappear. 12,000-year-old "ghostly" footprints found in the USA (photo)

    Scientists from Cornell University, USA, found in the desert of the Great Salt Lake, which is located west of the reservoir of the same name in Utah, the footprints of ancient people, which they left 12 thousand years ago. Almost a kilometer from the group of human footprints, scientists also found two pits in which a fire was made, as well as signs that people who lived here 12 thousand years ago already used tobacco.

    They appear and disappear. 12,000-year-old

    According to scientists, ancient people, among whom were adults and children from 5 to 12 years old, left 88 footprints when they walked through the area, which was covered with swamps during the Ice Age, and is now a desert. One of the driest states in the US, Utah had wetlands thousands of years ago, even after the ice age ended.

    They appear and disappear. In the USA they found

    Because the sand contains more moisture than the surrounding sediment, the higher water content of the sand causes the marks to show up on the surface. But when the moisture from the sand leaves, the traces disappear.

    “I immediately realized that these were ancient footprints, because we already found similar footprints last year in White Sands National Park in New Mexico. Those prints are 23,000 years old and are the oldest human footprints in America. the footprints that we found here are not so ancient, but they are of great scientific value. And we hope that new ones will be added to the footprints already found. We continue to search, “says Thomas Urban from Cornell University.

    They appear and disappear. 12,000-year-old

    The fact that two places with ancient human footprints have already been found in the United States suggests that there may be many more such places, scientists believe.

    For decades, scientists believed that the first representatives of Homo sapiens came to the North America between 13 and 16 thousand years ago, when the huge ice sheets began to melt. But footprints found in the state of New Mexico suggest that people appeared here much earlier.

    They appear and disappear. In the USA they found

    According to a recent study, which Focus already wrote about, scientists have concluded that the ancestors of modern humans appeared 1 million years earlier than previously thought.

    We remind you that scientists believe that the most important invention of ancient people was not the wheel, but a completely different object, which also played an important role in human evolution.


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