Apple executive fired after joke about petting 'big-breasted women'

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  • Apple executive fired after joke about petting «big breasted women»

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  • Apple executive fired after joke about petting «big breasted women»

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    Apple executive fired after joke about petting 'big breasted women'

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  • Apple executive fired after 'big-breasted women' petting joke

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    TikTok video of Tony Blevins' bad joke goes viral

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    Apple executive Tony Blevins, 55, was fired after a video of him remarking about “big-breasted women caressing” went viral. Bloomberg writes about this.

    Blevins worked at Apple for 22 years, serving as vice president of purchasing. He was among a group of 30 people who reported directly to CEO Tim Cook or COO Jeff Williams.

    Tony Blevins was filmed by Daniel Mack's Tiktoker, who asks expensive car owners what they do. In the video, he approaches Blevins, 55, who is parking his $500,000 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. And asks how he made money on such a fancy car.

    “I have expensive cars, I play golf and caress women with big breasts, but sometimes I take days off and besides, if you're wondering, I have damn good dental insurance,” Blevins replies.

    Already the former Apple executive seemed to be referring to the 1981 film Arthur, in which the protagonist describes his career like this: “I drive cars, play tennis and caress women, but I have days off and I’m my own boss.” “.

    Apparently the video was filmed on August 18 at an auto show that Blevins attended in Pebble Beach, California.

    He was the last person Mack approached, who asked about in their cars several famous personalities including actress Helen Mirren, Brooklyn Beckham and Jay Leno.

    And while Tiktoker Daniel Mack and his followers were amused by Blevins's response, as the video received over 140,000 likes, the joke about big-breasted women was taken as offensive at Apple.

    Sources familiar with the matter said that members of the department Operations and Purchasing, Apple reported the video to HR, and in recent weeks the topic has become a trending topic among employees and business partners.

    Apple CEO Tim Cook and COO Jeff Williams were outraged by what they saw on video.

    Apple confirmed Thursday that Tony Blevins is fired and will be leaving the Silicon Valley office after dozens of messages and complaints from several hundred employees over a viral video uploaded on September 5.

    Blevins himself has already apologized for his words.

    “I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to everyone who was offended by my misguided attempt at humor,” Blevins told Bloomberg.

    Interesting, but in Apple e his salary ranged from $273,000 to $377,000 a month.