Apple has tried to justify the recognition of the Crimea Russia

В Apple попытались оправдаться за признание Крыма российским

Apple after the scandal with the designation of Crimea as Russian territory promised to revise its map policy.

We’re going to look more closely at how our services are marked the disputed border. Perhaps in the future we will make changes“, — quotes Vloomberg official statement by Apple.

We study the international legislation and the corresponding laws of the United States and other countries before you make a decision on the marking on our maps, and the changes, if required by law, “added the company.

We will remind, earlier in some versions of the app “Apple Maps” Crimea was marked as Russian territory. In the Russian state Duma have regarded it as a victory.

In Ukraine the scandal has responded to the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Minister Vadim pristayko tried available for Apple analogies to explain why Ukraine is so sensitive to cards with the “Russian” Crimea.

The Ukrainian Embassy in the US announced a flash mob and encouraged subscribers to remind Apple that Crimea is Ukraine. To rally in support of Ukraine joined the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland and Lithuania.

We will remind, earlier Russian MPs have promised to get Apple to Apple Maps Crimea was a Russian territory.

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