Apple imagines a keyboard for MacBook Pro, but without keys

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And no, this is not an oversight, but an idea that could also land on the iPhone.

Apple imagines a keyboard for MacBook Pro, but without keys

We especially know Apple for the secrecy that the firm tries to keep around its future products before their announcement. Internally, a very controlled policy thus avoids leaks as much as possible. But even the biggest can't do anything against certain laws, such as the one that governs the patents the USA. On the spot, each of these documents supposed to protect the intellectual property of a company is thus made public after validation by the USPTO (office in charge of the files). The concepts on which Cupertino is working therefore quickly reach us

This is particularly the case with a detailed diagram of what is akin to a future MacBook Pro, but without a traditional keyboard. Instead, Apple wants to replace the keys with something like a touchpad, such as the one that controls the volume of the second generation AirPods Pro. Users would then only be notified of the proper functioning of their controls via simple haptic feedback. If you're using a third-generation iPhone SE, you already know the result: this is how the Touch ID button now works.

What are the benefits?

For end customers, this solution has several key benefits. Already, that of silence: those who have a butterfly keyboard at home (in peace to their souls) know how much noisetapping at high speed can sometimes disturb his coworkers. And even the Magic Keyboard, while more discreet, has not solved this problem on MacBooks today.

Apple imagines a keyboard for MacBook Pro, but without keys< /p>

© Apple/USPTO

With this, replace the original keyboard with a screen touch could also allow change the layout of the keys at will. Convenient, especially for those who buy a laptop in a country they are not from, such as expatriates. Of course, you could also add a whole bunch of other options to customize as you wish, as Apple has already been able to do with the late Touch Bar.

Not for now

Caution, however: there is no indication at the moment that Apple intends to market this futuristic keyboard one day. Indeed, the file filed with the USPTO is above all a means for the firm to give a certain value to its ideas and to avoid losing its paternity.

It also happens regularly that Tim Cook’s company presents technologies that never come out. The AirPower wireless charger, for example, had gone so far as to unveil its design to the general public but was finally abandoned due to overheating concerns.

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