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Apple Intelligence will not be available in Europe in 2024

Following the new European DMA laws, Apple is waiving its rights. deploy several features of its AI solution in 2024.

The biggest new features of the last Apple keynote may well not see the light of day on our side. of the globe. In any case, that’s what the president recently declared. Apple à several media outlets including Bloomberg and Numerama. The firm cites an incompatibility between certain features of Apple Intelligence and the DMA (Digital Market Acts) rules which allow the protection of European users in terms of anti-competitive practices.

The firm therefore recently announced having to give up à three of the most interesting features of his latest keynote:  "Due to regulatory uncertainties caused by the Digital Markets Act (DMA), we do not expect to be able to deploy three features — iPhone Mirroring, SharePlay Screen Sharing and Apple Intelligence improvements — for our European Union users this year."

These recent statements, however, remain rather vague and it is quite complicated to understand. to understand how DMA prevents you from copying your iPhone screen to a Mac via the iPhone Mirroring function.

However, we must keep in mind that Apple has never hidden its content. a certain animosity towards the DMA. These new European rules have certainly disappointed force the firm à shake up its plans in terms of new functionalities and strategies in the short term. The DMA has notably forced Apple à switch your devices to the USB-C port, and therefore, à renounce à its proprietary Lightning port. Only three months after the implementation of these new rules, this declaration and position could therefore well be an attempt by Apple to raise to the niche its European fans é against the DMA.

We will therefore have to wait and see if Apple finds a roundabout solution to offer its AI solution on iPhone very soon. Otherwise, the iPhone 16 would lose many features planned for its launch in September.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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