Apple launches iPad Pro and 10th generation iPad

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Apple launches iPad Pro and 10th generation iPad

Apple's 10th generation iPads come in four colors.

Redesigned appearance, larger screen, USB-C port: without fanfare, Apple unveiled its new generation of iPad and iPad Pro on Tuesday.

Big news: the location of the front camera (12 Mpx) of the tenth generation of tablets from Apple has changed. Instead of being placed on the short side of the device, it now sits on the long side, perfect for landscape mode.

These tablets, whose edges are flatter, will be equipped with a USB-C port, which makes the giant at the apple drop its traditional Lightning cable for all its iPad models.

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At 10.9 inches, the screen of the new device is larger than that of previous models. The tablet is also available in four colors, from bright yellow to blue, a first for the brand, which was used to sober colors for its iPads.

Helmet owners Wired listening comes out empty-handed, Apple not having provided a socket for this purpose. The home button also disappears for this generation of iPad, moving Touch ID to the power button.

The new iPad will not be equipped with the new Apple brand M2 chip, but with the A14, which powers the iPhone 12.

According to Apple, the The device is three times more powerful than the iPad of 2019, which belongs to the seventh generation.

To get your hands on the new Apple iPad, you will have to pay the minimum $500. The device will be delivered from October 26.

Apple has reserved its in-house M2 chip for the Pro model of its tablet, the same one that powers the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro (13-inch).

The screen will be offered in two sizes, either 12.9 inches or 11 inches, which remains unchanged from the previous generation.

Unlike the new tenth generation iPad, the position of the front camera remains on the shorter side of the device.

New for people who use the tablet to draw: iPad Pro has a new feature called hover< /em> which detects the Apple Pencil smart pen when placed slightly above the screen. It's useful especially for previewing a stroke before doing it, according to Apple.

The iPad Pro retails from $1100 and will ship from October 26.

Who says new iPad also says update. This version of the software, iPadOS 16, will roll out on October 24.

With information from The Verge

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