Apple Music and TV are coming to Windows, but there's a catch

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Apple launches the first betas of its Apple Music and TV applications – previously exclusive to Apple devices – but iTunes is losing support for iPods and iPads.

Apple Music and TV are coming to Windows, but there's a catch

After years, Apple finally decides to bring more applications from its ecosystem on Windows 11. As revealed by The Verge, Preview versions (sort of betas) of Apple Music, TV, and an unreleased application, “Apple Devices”, have appeared on the Microsoft Store .

For now, it is obviously not possible to install the applications in question despite their presence in the application store. But according to several sources the availability of these new Apple applications on Windows PCs is at this stage imminent.

Apple is launching three new applications on Windows 11

Apple Music allows direct access to the streaming service without going through the web (or iTunes). As for TV, the application is again used to access the streaming video service via a more polished user experience – including the ability to download your favorite series.

Apple Devices allows you to manage your devices, especially iPods and iPads. These are no longer managed by iTunes, we will come back to this below.

If you look directly for Apple Music or TV on the Microsoft Store, you will not yet find the firm's new applications. The latter are indeed for the moment only inactive entries on the store. However, it is already possible to access their file (and to consult the first official screenshots) by following the following links:

  • Apple Music Preview
  • Apple TV Preview
  • Apple Devices Preview

However, we recommend that you wait a bit before installing one of these apps when they become available, especially if you own an iPod or iPad, manage your mp3 collection, and/or have a collection of audio books. Indeed, installing one of these applications prevents iTunes for Windows from launching.

Apple should soon release an iTunes update that fixes this problem. In the meantime, if you need to manage your devices or your collection via iTunes, you will have to completely uninstall the new applications if you have them installed. This can be impractical.

Preview versions oblige, Apple also points out that new applications can be unstable and contain bugs. The firm points out in the applications sheet: “not all features are likely to work as expected”.

Finally, these applications will be entirely exclusive to Windows 11. Machines on Windows 10 will not be able to benefit from the new applications. According to their sheet, these applications indeed require Windows 11 22621.0 or later.

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