Apple Music, TV+, One: discreetly Apple raises the prices of its services

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After its products, Apple quietly announces the increase of its services. If storage is not concerned, users of Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple One will have to get their hands on the wallet.

Apple Music, TV+, One: in all discretion Apple is driving up the prices of its services

Up to 40% increase. At Apple, we ignore the economic and geopolitical crisis that affects the whole world. After having drastically (and sometimes very discreetly) increased the prices of its new and old products, the Californian company is now announcing the increase in the prices of its services.

Since the 24 October at 6 p.m. Worldwide, Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple One subscribers have to pay more. Sometimes a lot more. Count around 10% increase at least and up to 40% for some formulas. Only Apple Arcade and cloud storage are not affected by this increase.

40% increase for Apple TV+

Apple Music plans increase an average of 10%. The individual offer goes from €9.99 to €10.99, the family offer from €14.99 to €16.99 and the annual subscription from €99 to €109. The reason for this increase? An ” increase in licensing costs “ but above all, according to Tim Cook's teams, the desire to better remunerate songwriters (laughs).

Do you find this increase inappropriate? Wait for the new prices of Apple TV+. Netflix's competing platform now costs up to 40% more than before. The individual offer goes from €4.99 to €6.99 (annual subscription at €69).

“We launched Apple TV+ at a very low price, because we have started with only a few series and movies, writes Apple in its press release. Three years later, Apple TV+ offers a wide selection of award-winning and acclaimed programming.”So understand that to access the catalog (admittedly of excellent quality) of Apple TV+, you will now have to pay a lot more.

Finally, Apple One (which includes Apple Music, TV+, Fitness+, Arcade and iCloud+) is also seeing an increase in subscriptions. The individual offer goes from €14.95 to €16.95, the family offer goes from €19.95 to €22.95 and the Premium offer goes from €28.95 to €31.95.

Apple Music, TV+, One: in all discretion Apple raises the prices of its services

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A sense of timing

Some will rightly say that prices remain lower than those of competitors. More than the content-price ratio, it is above all the size of the increase (up to 40% all the same) and the timing that are struggling to pass. As a crisis hits the world and concerns mount, Apple increases the prices of its services. Just after those of its products.

This is all the more inappropriate since even with very low prices, Apple generated a turnover of 68.425 billion dollars last year thanks to its services. . A figure that the American should exceed this year since it has already reached 58.941 billion dollars while the results for the last quarter will not be announced until October 27. Did Apple really need this?

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