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Apple plans a surprising novelty for its next Airpods

Apple is reportedly developing a brand new AirPods model for 2026. According to rumors, the headphones would feature new features including the addition of a infrared camera.

This is a new development that could well see the light of day in the next Apple AirPods. Famous TF International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said: that the Cupertino company would be working on new headphones equipped with an infrared camera. These should see the light of day in 2026 à according to the blog post published by the analyst.

Concretely, what would this bring to users ? This infrared camera, integrated into the brand's new headphones, would be designed to offer greater immersion with the Apple Vision Pro. Remember that its release is scheduled in France on July 12, 2024. Similar to Face ID on iPhones, this new camera technology would detect head movements of the # 39;user wearing the headphones. As a result, the sound would be adjusted accordingly. depending on the direction, reinforcing the immersive effect. Additionally, AirPods are expected to improve 'human-device' interaction. by interpreting hand gestures. This system could work in tandem with the helmet, already in use. éequippedé a gesture control option.

This is not the first time that this type of project has been mentioned. by Apple. Last February, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman reported that the American company was working on its development. make its headphones smarter by integrating cameras. The idea was also to couple other sensors with artificial intelligence and health monitoring. more advanced.

All of this information is just rumors at the moment. But there is no doubt that Apple is currently working on new models that will offer more or less advanced options. Competition is tough in a competitive market. où new brands continue to emerge constantly.

Teilor Stone

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