Apple raises the price of some of its old models despite not introducing improvements

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Apple raises the price of some of its older models despite not introducing improvements

When Apple announced surprises in the iPad rangeeveryone was waiting for the news to focus on the newiPad Pro and iPad 10, as well. as in the Apple TV 4K. What few expected is that the modifications included more expensive prices in Europefor products that will continue to be sold with the same characteristics as months ago. 

This is the iPad Air, which goes up 90 euros, going from 679 euros to 769 euros, in the standard model. An increase of 13% that becomes 19% in the case of iPad Mini, which becomes more expensive 100 euros, from 549 euros to 649 euros. In the case of the iPad 2021 there is also a new rate: Apple has made the model more expensive, going from 379 euros to 429 euros.  

The impact of the economic scenario

Apple has not given its version on the rate increase, although it is speculated that the origin of the increase has to do with the lengthy strong> shadow of inflation and even the depreciation of the euro against the dollar (Apple has maintained the rates in the United States).