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Apple would plan several new iPads for this week

A rumor has been circulating for several weeks now: Apple is preparing to unveil new versions of its range of touchscreen tablets. New iPad, iPad mini and iPad Pro would be available soon.

Is Apple preparing for this? launch new iPads? This is the big rumor relayed by several insiders and specialized media in recent days. This announcement, which would take place through a simple press release press, would not come as a surprise since the Cupertino company has already resorted to this kind of launch. Remember: exactly a year ago, Apple announced in particular; its new iPad Pro (with M2 chip) in a simple online ad.

Whether it's Supercharged media or the specialized site, 9to5Mac, several Apple leak experts agree on an imminent announcement. The firm would unveil not one but three new tablets within the same press release. press release:

  • An 11th generation iPad.
  • An iPad Air M2.
  • An iPad mini with A16 chip (released ;e of the iPhone 14 Pro).

Apple reportedly plans several new iPads for this week

The iPad Pro M2, released in October 2022, is the latest tablet from the Apple giant © Apple

However, we will have to wait a little before seeing if this announcement is official or not. In particular, Apple should not organize a conference dedicated to these new products, but a simple online announcement with press release Press. We will not fail to confirm (or not) the release of these three new iPads and to test them on our site if their announcement comes soon.

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