Apple: The iPod's Second Death

It's a page that turns: after “killing” the iPod classic in 2014, Apple is removing the iPod nano and shuffle from its catalog this time.

Apple: The Second Death of the iPod

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A page turns for Apple as for all those who have become addicted to mobile digital entertainment: that of a small device that will have revolutionized the way of listening to music on the go, and supplanted all its competitors. Certainly, in the beginning was the Walkman, Sony's genius creation that allowed an entire generation to retreat into their bubble, headphones on, to enjoy their favorite audio cassettes. Nomadic music was born, then in 2001, Apple would reinvent it. alt=”Apple: The Second Death of the iPod” />

Apple: The iPod's second death

All it took was a gesture, a magic wheel, and a strong argument – ​​putting 1,000 songs in your pocket – to change the face of the “walkman”, nomadic music, but also that of Apple . Admittedly, the first iPod cannot yet do without its Mac to feed its 5 GB of memory into pieces. But from 2003, Apple draws iTunes, and everything changes, between the possibility of buying songs individually on this revolutionary Music Store, and Mac and PC compatibility. White headphones are hitting the streets, “Think different” is becoming the norm. The face of Apple had also changed forever, going from producing “different” computers to selling music online associated with an application and a player: the Cupertino giant's ecosystem was launched, and bottom, it has not changed since.

After the iPod, the iPhone?

It will be necessary to wait until 2003 to see appearing a first simplified version of the iPod, the Shuffle, smaller, cheaper, but also more basic, making its defects, starting with the absence of screen, qualities. All the magic of marketing according to Apple… But the situation was corrected in 2004 with a cool and colorful little musical toy, the Nano, which would quickly become the iPod, and the best-selling MP3 player in the world. With him, colorful advertisements and partnerships with famous artists become Apple's trademark. Impossible to miss the limited editions offered with the U2 group, or for the benefit of RED and the fight against AIDS. A precursor of connected objects, Apple even offered sensors with Nike to integrate into its sneakers which worked in association with the iPod

Apple: The Second Death of the iPod

Apple: The Second Death of the iPod

Legends never die, they say. But today, by announcing the removal of its catalog of the iPod nano and the iPod shuffle, three years after the iconic iPod classic, Apple is basically only closing the loop. If the argument put forward is to “simplify its range”, by keeping only an iPod Touch which has everything of an iPhone without a Sim card, it must be recognized that in these times of the smartphone king, selling simple MP3 players incompatible with the Apple Music streaming service and assuming a headphone jack no longer means much within the overall strategy of the Californian brand. As Steve Jobs himself said when he unveiled the iPhone just ten years ago: “Here's the best iPod we've ever made.” The iPod has already died twice, but it still lives, deep inside every iPhone: if 390 million iPods were sold between 2001 and 2014, Apple has already sold a billion iPhones between 2007 and 2016… The iPod page just turned; for Apple, will the next step be the iPhone?

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