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Apple Vision Pro: an expanded launch in France and around the world at a high price

Apple Vision Pro will soon be expanded to Europe and the rest of the world. In France, you will have to wait until July 12 and its price reaches 3,999 euros.

After having beené buried since its release in the United States and leaving behind all the criticisms its subject, the Apple Vision Pro, has resurfaced in recent weeks. Several clues scattered across the canvas suggested an enlarged output of the headphones. other countries including France.

It’s done! On the evening of June 10, 2024, Apple's keynote was held to open its WWDC. The Apple Vision Pro, this reality headset augmented with technology, has not escaped &agrav; the eye of the curious since the Cupertino company has benefited from take the opportunity to reveal release dates and a unique price. It will be released on July 12, 2024 in France, a little more than four months after its initial release in the United States. As for à its price, it comes close to 4000 euros.

We could have expected it, but the Apple Vision Pro will enter the market soon. &agrav; different dates depending on the region. The first customers à to benefit from the services of the Apple Vision Pro will be those of Singapore, China or even Japan, from June 28, 2024. For its part, Europe including France, the United Kingdom and Canada will only be able to benefit from it. from July 12. A reasonable expectation for such a product from the brand.

Apple Vision Pro: an expanded launch in France and around the world at a high price

The Apple Vision is released on July 12 in France, Australia and the rest of Europe © Apple

For those who want to snap it up when it comes out, you will have to pay no less than 3,999 euros. This sales price does not vary depending on the region. Despite everything, it is reviewed à the increase compared to the United States where The Apple Vision Pro is offered. &agrav; 3500 dollars since its release. A decision that makes sense following the various European taxes. In the process, Apple announced several pre-order windows for its Vision Pro helmet. Users residing in China, Japan or elsewhere Singapore will be able to pre-order it from June 13. 6 p.m., just a few days after its announcement. As for customers from France, Canada or the United Kingdom, you will have to wait until Friday June 28 à from 6 p.m.

With this headset, it is possible to enjoy new experiences in entertainment, work and even connectivity ;. More concretely, thanks to the Vision Pro, you can work from home while cooking, watch a film on the sofa, or watch a movie on the couch. without moving or launching video calls from anywhere.

Despite; For all the experiences offered, the Apple Vision Pro struggled to achieve this. has established itself and convinced high technology enthusiasts since its release in the United States. In just a few hours, the object was subject to damage. many criticisms. The fault à its judged design too imposing and its lack of finishing.

Will Apple arrive &agrave? save sales of its Vision Pro by opening it to the commercial market. European ? We will follow this closely and will not fail to keep you informed of the latest news. his subject. Please note that you can now find all the necessary information regarding the Apple Vision Pro from the press release. Apple press release.

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