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Apple Watch Ultra 2  now available for pre-order

APPLE WATCH ULTRA 2. Available for pre-order, This is Apple's most powerful connected watch. Find out everything you need to know about the Apple Watch Ultra 2: its price, its design, its characteristics…

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the connected watch of all superlatives. Launched on September 12, 2023 for pre-order and on sale on Friday September 22 by the Cupertino company. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 features all of Apple's connected device know-how. As the company describes it on its official website: this is the most robust and versatile Apple Watch on the market. The latter notably has a fairly imposing design and a very resistant titanium case.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is not intended for everyone. everyone. Apple has emphasized the fact that this high-end connected watch is primarily intended for extreme athletes. Fans of scuba diving, climbing or kitesurfing will be delighted to have a robust watch that can follow their adventures while remaining fully connected to their mobile phone. their iPhone.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 now available in pre-order order

Apple Watch Ultra 2 ocean bracelet

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    Whether you are at Whether you're looking for a new smartwatch or not, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 may interest you. Find out everything you need to know about the most popular watch completed work from Apple with the main information relating to; the Apple Watch Ultra 2, its design, its price and its potential future versions.

    Apple Watch Ultra 2 now available for pre-order

    The Apple Watch Ultra 2. © Apple

    All the information on the ;Apple Watch Ultra 2

    Presented during the 2023 keynote, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 presents new features for swimming lovers, climbers or runners in addition to functionality improvements ;s already Although these are rather minimal, they still mark a certain gap in between it and the previous model.

    The main new features of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 are the addition of a new heart rate sensor to improve health data. captured by the watch as well as a new "Double Tap" (understand: pinch your fingers twice) to perform a summary action. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 also benefits from a new processor in order to gain more power (it's up to you to judge if this is so necessary).

    What are the features of the Apple Watch Ultra 2?

    The Apple Watch Ultra benefits from many advantages over more “classic” watches. of the firm called "Series". Launched at the base price of €899, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is only available in a single 49mm format (the same size as its predecessor) with a sapphire crystal screen.

    The Apple Watch Ultra 2 has a Retina display capable of being always on. going up to 3000 nits (1000 more than the Apple Watch Ultra 1).

    Designed to be worn underwater, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is capable of diving up to 100 m deep. 100 m deep. It also has a depth gauge with water temperature sensor as well as a dedicated application, Oceanic+, to use it as a a mini diving computer.

    The biggest new feature is of the Apple Watch Ultra 2? Its "Double Tap" which allows, among other things, to perform some basic actions linked to everyday life. There we find:

    • Handling or refusing a call
    • Pausing or launching media (such as music)< /li>
    • &Turn off your alarm
    • Reply à a message

    Similarly to; the previous Apple Ultra Watch, the Apple Watch Ultra 2  It is equipped with an 86 decibel alarm so it can be activated in the event of an emergency. WatchOS 10 also saw a big update. update which promises several changes such as the redesign of intelligent scrolling, improvement of pre-existing applications, an improved night mode…

    Finally, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is equipped with a battery that can last for 36 hours of use (with a power saving mode that goes up to 39; to 72 hours). À For comparison, this represents double the battery life available on the Apple Watch Series 8. It can also be used on the Apple Watch Series 8. Bluetooth connection with sports accessories such as bicycles.

    What is the price of the Apple Watch Ultra 2?

    The Apple Watch Ultra 2 has been released launched at the recommended retail price from 899 € with us.  That’s a drop of €100 compared to the previous year. Its old model although it is an extremely high price. for a connected watch of this kind. Information which is pleasing, when we know that the previous generation had almost no promotion during its entire year ;e marketing. We can also expect find the second-hand Apple Watch Ultra 2 within a few days although we recommend that you always check the condition of the product before purchasing.

    Apple Watch Ultra 2 now available for pre-order

    Apple Watch Ultra 2

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    Apple Watch Ultra 2 now available for pre-order

    Apple Watch Ultra

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    Discover our test of the Apple Watch Ultra 1

    We had the chance to test the Apple Watch Ultra 1 exclusively. when it was released at the end of 2022. If the watch had generally seduced us with its premium finishes and its software capabilities, we had some reservations about its real usefulness. to the general public. That's why we recommend the Apple Watch Ultra to serious fans in the Apple Watch community. Apple which has a high budget as well as extreme athletes.

    What straps are available for the Apple Watch Ultra?

    Although more imposing than the company's ordinary watches , the Apple Watch Ultra is fully compatible with existing bracelets. available. So you can do everything at your convenience. Use your old bracelets with an Apple Watch Ultra or order bracelets that do not mention the latter in their compatibility.

    The Apple Watch Ultra was, however, released with some exclusive bracelets. This is the case of the Alpine and Trail buckles as well as the Ocean bracelet which were released at the same time as Apple's luxury connected watch. Good news: Apple Watch 1 bands are compatible with Apple Watch Ultra 2.

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