Apple will launch a tool against spyware


Apple will launch a tool against spyware

This photographic illustration shows a smart phone with the website of the Israeli company NSO Group, which includes the Pegasus spyware.

The Apple company will offer a new data protection tool for journalists and activists this fall, after that the Pegasus case revealed the extraordinary technical capabilities of certain spyware.

Lockdown mode is extreme, optional protection for the very small number of users whose digital security is at serious risk, Apple said in a statement on Wednesday.

These are people who can be targeted by ultra-sophisticated attacks, carried out thanks to the programs of NSO Group and other mercenary companies which develop spyware on behalf of governments, details the California giant.

In September, Apple had to urgently repair a computer vulnerability that the Pegasus software, from the Israeli firm NSO Group, was able to exploit to infect iPhones, without their owners even having to click on any buttons. trapped links or buttons, using a process called zero-click.

The new option will completely secure many device services and content, including attachments. It will no longer be possible to connect a computer to an iPhone if it is locked.

Apple has also expanded its program for cybersecurity research. The group will offer a new bounty – up to US$2 million – to hackers who report vulnerabilities in Lockdown mode to it.

A year ago, an international media collective revealed that Pegasus had made it possible to spy on the numbers of journalists, politicians, activists or business leaders from different countries, including French President Emmanuel Macron.

Emmanuel Macron

NSO Group has assured several times that its technologies allowed States to save lives, by tracking pedophiles and terrorists, for example.

But Apple, which has built its success in particular on its excellent reputation for security and respect for privacy, filed a complaint against the Israeli company in November.

It x27;accused of being responsible for the malicious activities of some of its customers, including governments.

These are amoral mercenaries of the 21st century who have created machines of ultra-sophisticated cyber-surveillance, inciting flagrant and routine abuses, the lawyers for the American group had indicated in the complaint.

Two weeks ago, Google denounced Italian spyware which used to hack smart phones to spy on people in Italy and Kazakhstan.

These companies facilitate the proliferation of dangerous hacking tools and arm governments that would not otherwise able to develop these skills, said the technology giant .


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