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Apple's connected speaker saves a family from a fire caused by... their dog (you read that correctly)

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Generally, when the media talks about Apple products that save lives, it concerns the Apple Watch, which allows you to be notified if you have heart rhythm problems, or the iPhone, which detects accidents and can contact emergency services even when you don't have a network. But what many people don't know is that the Cupertino company's HomePod connected speaker also has features that can save you.

The proof: a few days ago, the firefighters of Colorado Spring, in the United States, published the story of a family who was saved from the start of a fire in their house, thanks to a alert sent by the Apple speaker. The story is a bit crazy, since this start of fire was caused by the dog. On a surveillance camera video, which accompanies the publication, we can see a dog who was a little too curious accidentally lighting a stove, which then burned boxes placed on it.

Oddly, the family would not have heard the smoke detector. But it was woken up by the HomePod, which sent a notification. “After learning more about the Apple HomePod, we discovered that it was likely hearing smoke detectors in the house through sound recognition, which would generate an alert for owners indicating that something was wrong. We welcome this technology and believe it has played an important role in helping this family!”, can be read in the firefighters’ publication.

The fire was already out when the firefighters arrived

In any case, Apple’s feature likely saved this family, and the home. When firefighters arrived on “The homeowner, a man, was able to extinguish the fire before crews arrived, but was later transported to a local hospital for smoke inhalation,”, the Colorado Springs Fire Department reports. In any case, if he hadn’t received the HomePod alert, it’s possible he wouldn’t have woken up in time to get the fire under control.

Otherwise, the firefighters reiterate in their post the importance of always having a working smoke detector. They also remind us that combustible objects should always be kept away from stoves and ovens.

  • Apple products have saved lives many times before, but usually those stories involve the iPhone or Apple Watch
  • Recently, US firefighters released the story of an American family who was saved from a fire, thanks to the HomePod connected speaker
  • The family was asleep and did not hear the smoke detector , however, she was woken up by a notification sent by the HomePod, which recognized the suspicious noise

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