Aquaman 2: Amber Heard silences her detractors following the scandal with Johnny Depp

Aquaman 2: Amber Heard silences her detractors following the scandal with Johnny Depp


Actress Amber Heard, who plays Mera in the Warner DC Extended Universe, has responded to rumors about her departure from the Aquaman franchise.

The ax fell a few days ago for Johnny Depp, who ultimately lost his libel case against The Sun who accused him of domestic violence in the wake of his high-profile divorce. At the same time, the Warner decided to part ways with the actor, who was to play the main antagonist in Fantastic Beasts 3 .

A forced exit, but granted by the interpreter of Gellert Grindelwald, which was not the case with some fans who demand a similar decision from the studio concerning his ex-wife, Amber Heard, also accused of violence.

Johnny Depp as Grindelwald

Like angry fans who have demanded Depp's return in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 6 , a new camera stint for Game of Thrones season 8, or an actor other than Robert Pattinson to play the new Batman, an online petition has been launched (and signed by more than a million internet users) for the actress to be fired from Aquaman 2. Johnny Depp is also said to have attempted a similar maneuver before the release of James' first film Wan, while Mera was already present in Justice League

While it is difficult to take this kind of initiative seriously, several speculations still wanted the Warner to finally give in to the pressure and push the actress towards the exit door, erasing Mera from the Extended Universe or re-casting her, like Grindelwald in the Harry Potter spin-off. A decision that is not relevant, as confirmed by Amber Heard in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly where she assured to be part of the cast of the next installment of Aquaman:

Amber Heard and Jason Momoa

“I am very excited by all the love and the gratitude of the fans received Aquaman, Aquaman and Mera but have aroused such enthusiasm that means our return. I am so excited to film it. The rumors and social media campaigns don't dictate [editor's note: casting decisions] because they're nothing real. Only fans made Aquaman and Aquaman 2 possible. I can't wait to start next year. ” .

Before returning to Aquaman 2 , Mera is set to reappear in Zack Snyder's Justice League sometime in 2021 on HBO Max, as seen in the trailer unveiled this summer. On the side of Fantastic Beasts 3 , Mads Mikkelsen has already started talks with the Warner to camp the wizard, fortunately a follower of metamorphoses.

In the meantime, our review of the first Aquaman is right here, and our review of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is right there.

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