Aquaman 2: Batman will be back and DC continues to be a merry mess


In the upcoming Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, Jason Momoa's Atlantean will reunite with another Justice League superhero.

The Snyderverse is dead, but not its superheroes. Henry Cavill's Superman may be gone, as is Ray Fisher's Cyborg who won't return after the actor's media war against Warner, but the other members continue to exist in their corner. The first Wonder Woman had only a slight relationship with Justice League, while the second opus is totally detached from it (even if it means creating some inconsistencies with Batman v Superman). For his part, Aquamanserved as an origin story for Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry, without necessarily making a connection with the first DCEU films.

Justice League (or what's left of it)

So far only the movie The Flashwas to bring together two major characters from the old superhero team: Ezra Miller's Barry Allen (who should not return in the universe later) and Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne. Before confirming his return to Andy Muschietti's film, the Dark Knight interpreter had left his cape in the locker room, annoyed by the failure of Justice League. More recently, however, fans learned that the Batfleck will also be donning their costume in the nextAquaman and The Lost Kingdom directed by James Wan.

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The information comes directly from Jason Momoa's Instagram account. During a visit to the studios, a group of fans apparently came across Jason Momoa with Ben Affleck who can be seen briefly on the posted video. Jason Momoa also stated that they “tried to keep it a secret”, but it's no longer a secret. The caption meanwhile mentions the reunion of “Bruce and Arthur”, leaving little doubt about Batman's involvement in the story.

Obviously, none No further details have been released regarding the script by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick. Bruce Wayne could therefore be satisfied with an expensive paid cameo before returning to The Flash and definitively disappearing from the DCEU (for real this time, sworn spit). For its part, Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom will be released in French theaters on March 15, 2023, while The Flash will land a few months later to reboot the DC Extended Universe. , June 23, 2023.


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