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AR: our opinion on connected glasses integrating ChatGPT

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From July, you will be able to treat yourself to new Solos connected glasses integrating the artificial intelligence of your choice. The brand, already renowned for its smartglasses intended for cyclists and equipping the official United States team at the Olympic Games, has just unveiled the new AirGo Vision Solos. The base price is set at $249, but a more expensive edition should also include a camera. However, we do not yet have its price at this time. The sensor in question will be removable, in order to offer an experience more respectful of confidentiality in places that require it.

Thanks to the camera of these connected glasses, users will be able to scan their environment, as recalled by a previously seen Apple Glass patent. The Cupertino mount could in fact detect food, in order to inform us about its nutritional content. With the AirGo Vision Solos, it will be possible to learn more about a storefront or a plant, by analyzing the image obtained using the GPT-4o language model. The general public can already test this tool for free from the official OpenAI website, completely free of charge. A value proposition reminiscent of that of Google Lens on Android.

What are the other advantages of these connected glasses?

The new AirGo Vision Solos will also be equipped with an LED. This will be visible to the person wearing the pair, for example to indicate the receipt of a notification that would not have been heard due to too noisy an environment. Turning it on could also prove beneficial to hearing-impaired users, like the flash on smartphones that some activate for the same purpose.

As a bonus, the AirGo Vision Solos are modular, like the Dell Luna PC or the Blocks connected watch. So, certainly, the level here is a notch below that of a laptop, but you can still change the lenses as you wish. This advantage is probably also inspired by cycling, since runners are in the habit of changing lenses depending on the weather. Opt for a more tinted duo which can help you better cope with the sun's rays.

With the AirGo Vision Solos, which can also turn the assistant Claude from Anthropic, users have a built-in microphone and speakers. This can be very practical for making calls, or for interacting with ChatGPT orally.

The AirGo 3 Solos are already available

While waiting for the arrival of the AirGo Vision Solos, the manufacturer still offers the AirGo 3 on its store. These models do not come with the Vision camera, but still offer voice control and ChatGPT integration. Many different designs are offered, with prices around 250 euros for a quality model. The Argon 4S, for example, are designed with carbon and are therefore very light. Here again, this is an advantage sought by cyclists.

A touch control panel is placed on the edge, reminiscent of the control mode imagined by Apple for its AirPods wireless headphones. Everything is powered by a USB-C socket for charging, so you don't have to run multiple cables when traveling. And the battery lasts up to ten hours, where an Apple Vision Pro is happy with five times less despite its 3,999 euros in mainland France. On the other hand, you will not necessarily be entitled to visionOS…

  • AirGo Vision Solos are connected glasses with integrated camera
  • ChatGPT is also available, and allows you to recognize what the user sees thanks to image analysis
  • Price is $249 without the camera, but will definitely be more expensive with
  • Product will be available from July

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