Archive | A first ATM in Quebec in 1972


Archives | Un first ATM in Quebec in 1972

L he inauguration of the first CIBC ATM in Montreal took place on July 11, 1972.

50 years ago, on July 11, 1972, the first ATM appeared to Montreal. The craze for the debit card and its multiple possibilities is then growing. Back to the archives on this now commonplace innovation in our urban landscape.

In 1969, the city of Toronto was responsible for installing the first self-service cash machine in Canada. The device is activated using a key, a plastic card and a personal identification number.

Then, on July 11, 1972, it's Montreal's turn to welcome this new technology offered by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC).

Filming footage from the inauguration of the first CIBC ATM in Montreal, July 11, 1972

As our silent archive footage shows, she's a hostess showcasing the features of the counter which, mind you, has no screen!

“The ATM system can be summarized as follows: using a card issued by the banking institution, credit card or debit card, the customer can deposit, withdraw or transfer funds 24 hours a day, without wait in line! »

— Journalist Claude Sauvé

The development of the debit card is certainly linked to that of ATMs.

On show Hitpointsof February 26, 1982, a report is devoted to “the invisible currency”. Journalist Claude Sauvé takes a detailed look at how the debit card works, “another form of card that will allow us to use money without having paper money or a check”.

Report by Claude Sauvé on the debit card on the program Repères of February 26, 1982

At the time of this report, Canada has 250 ATMs, but more than 1,000 are expected by the end of 1982.

The Caisse populaire Desjardins is coming then just tested a first wicket in Trois-Rivières. A massive implementation will follow in 1983.

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