Archive | Aeromodellers: the passion for remote-controlled aircraft

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Archives | Aeromodé ;lists: the passion for remote-controlled aircraft

An aeromodeler is busy repairing his miniature plane, “Côté Jardin”, July 24, 1989.

By the late 1980s, there were 22,000 model aircraft makers in the country, and the hobby was growing in popularity. Far from being child's play, remote-controlled planes are often piloted by true enthusiasts who invest a lot of time and money in their machine, as evidenced by our archives.

July 24, 1989 on the show Côté jardin, columnist Marithé Bellavance talks with some model aircraft enthusiasts and then presents some models to us in the studio.

Report by Marithé Bellavance about aeromodelists, those amateurs of remote-controlled planes. She meets several amateurs, including a specialist in World War II aircraft. The show is hosted by Jacques Boulanger.

Popular aircraft models include those from World War II. Bernard Karsensky, a specialist in this type of aircraft, presents his model: a dive bomber. A model of aircraft which, from 1942 to 1945, was carried on aircraft carriers. The model aircraft enthusiast took 600 hours to build.

“World War II aircraft are particularly popular, Spitfires, Mustangs, Bombers. »

— Marithé Bellavance

Before getting the plane to take off, make it perform a few acrobatic tricks and land it, amateurs will have to experience some disappointments. Accidents can be numerous and costly. The fragility of the machines leads modelers to carry out frequent repairs.

May 14, 1993 on the morning show SRC Bonjour, the host Marie-Claude Lavallée talks with Jean Blaquière, president of the Anti-Gravity model makers club. At the time, the man organized the first Remote Control Transport Model Makers Fair in Sainte-Julie.

The host Marie-Claude Lavallée talks with Jean Blaquière, a great fan of remote-controlled aircraft and president of the Club desmodelistes Anti- Gravity.

All aeromodellers engaged in sport agree that the miniature and remote-controlled airplane is more than just a toy.

Some enthusiasts go so far as to design and build their aircraft or helicopter from A to Z. The machine can be bought ready to be assembled or you can build the pieces yourself according to a plan for a more personal project.

Jean Blaquière said at the time that 'it's possible to spend $5000 to $6000 just for a model engine.

“Model planes are also because” you can't afford the real ones. »

— Patrice Arbour, RC aircraft enthusiast

You can control a RC aircraft in the same way you control a full-scale aircraft, by making it take off gradually and land in the same way.

Several followers have one day cherished the dream of becoming an air pilot before becoming a ground pilot .

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