Archive | Canadair: Canada's fire extinguisher in action

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Archives | Canadair&nbsp ;: Canada’s fire smother in action

The CL-215 and CL-415 have made significant contributions to fighting forest fires in Canada and abroad.

Canadair water bomber aircraft are among the most popular pieces of Canadian technology abroad. Our archives preserve testimonials of the contribution of these devices to the fight against forest fires over time.

canadairs specialize in fighting fires.

These are the most famous fire planes in the world. In some countries, France for example, the word “canadair” has become synonymous with water bomber.

The CL-215 appeared in 1963. Our archives have the records of a program produced that year by Radio-Canada/CBC, Canada magazine.

Report by journalist Jean-Louis Gagnon on the CL-215 in British Columbia in 1963

Journalist Jean-Louis Gagnon lends his voice to a report that shows the use of the CL-215 against forest fires in British Columbia.

Intended to promote Canada abroad, it was never shown to Canadian viewers.

In 1993, Bombardier began production of the CL-415, which replaced the CL-215.

It's an imposing device. It is 19.82 meters long and has 28.60 meter wingspans. The CL-415 can carry 6140 liters of water and refuels directly in flight by hovering over a body of water.

Report by journalist Jean Sawyer on the operation of the canadair CL-415

August 22, 2001 , journalist Jean Sawyer flies in a CL-415. He reported on it in a report in Téléjournal/Le point hosted by Josée Thibeault.

Jean Sawyer observes the agility of the big bird and explains to us how it works.

He belies an urban legend. It is impossible for a human being to be sucked into a CL-415. The filling of the water is done through scoops which are the size of a glass and screened. A small fish would find it difficult to enter.

The film The Turbulence of Fluids by filmmaker Manon Briand and the book The World According to Barney by writer Mordecai Richler therefore took liberties with reality.

The canadair CL-415 is used around the world to fight fires in forest.

During the summer of 2022, several of these aircraft have been and will be used to fight the fires that are ravaging part of the southern European forests.

Several European governments are also considering buying devices from the manufacturer of canadair.

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