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At all costs, September 6, 1993.

With inflation inflating the grocery bill, one way among others to save money is to use discount coupons. Do these vouchers provide real savings or is it more of a business strategy? Our journalists have looked into the practice of “couponage” which has many followers in the country.

It was in 1895 that the Post company offered the very first coupon that offered a discount of 'a cent on one of his cereal boxes.

December 18, 1979 on the show Consumateurs plus, journalist Yves Blouin is interested in the use of discount coupons by consumers.

Report by Yves Blouin on the use of discount coupons by consumers. Explanation of the discount coupon exchange club. The show is hosted by Louise Arcand.

In her presentation, host Louise Arcand recalls that discount coupons have replaced gift stamps in Quebec, which gave the right to surprises and gifts.

In 1979, the use of coupons increased in the country. That year, Jean-Claude Babin, COO of Hypermarket stores, estimates that 15-18% of customers use coupons every week.

For Pierre Legendre, marketing consultant at COGEM, the coupon is a marketing tool in the same way as advertising. The strategy is often used to entice consumers to try a new product that has just hit the market.

For Rhonda Maxwell, founder of a coupon exchange group discounts, you have to know how to avoid these marketing traps.

In the report, the mother gives some tips to make using discount coupons worthwhile.

“For to really save, you have to plan your meals and use a shopping list. It is also necessary to indicate on the list the articles for which we have coupons. One important thing, never buy a product just because you have coupons.

—Rhonda Maxwell

The importance of being part of such a group is of course to get the coupons we need for the products we usually buy.

The concept coupon exchange groups is much more popular among our neighbors to the south and in English Canada than in Quebec.

September 6, 1993, on the show À tout prix, journalist Michèle Boisvert is interested in discount coupon exchange groups.

Report by Michèle Boisvert on discount coupon exchange groups. Testimony of a postman who collects discount coupons to save money. The show is hosted by Michel Viens.

Richard Chartrand is a postman and adept at “couponnage”. The man explains that he saves about 13% on his grocery bill by using the discount coupons.

His group meets once a month to exchange coupons and discount information.

“I have a grandson and my daughter still use baby diapers. So me, when I come, I always take coupons for diapers. Automatically, each month, she has her discounts.

—Member of the “couponage” group

On February 5, 2004, the show L'épicespresents a report on the advantages and disadvantages of flyer and grocery store discount coupons.

Report by Marie-Josée Taillefer on the advantages and disadvantages of discount coupons in flyers and in grocery stores. The show is hosted by Marie-Josée Taillefer and Denis Gagné.

In 2002, in Canada, 2.3 billion discount coupons were printed.

Some banners change their strategy and no longer include coupons in their flyers and simply prefer to display items at a discount.

But for Luc Dupont, professor of marketing at At the University of Ottawa, when you engage people by asking them to cut out a small coupon, instead of just giving them a freebie without too much effort, the chances of people embracing the product are greater.< /p>

An estimated seven out of ten Canadians are more likely to use coupons when the economy is bad.

“The success of coupons is easy to explain, consumers benefit from them and so do manufacturers. »

— Marie Josée Taillefer

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