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Dedication is part of the journey of a multitude of family doctors in Quebec and Canada.

It is a problem that persists in Canada and Quebec: being able to consult a family doctor is a challenge. A situation that is all the more distressing when we see the many examples of family physicians totally devoted to the service of the population that we find in our archives.

“If a grandma kisses me when I arrive, I like that as much as being told I'm the big doctor at the hospital.” It is also rewarding for me. »

— Dr. Martin Labelle, 1988

Report by journalist Martine Lanctôt on two doctors who practice medicine at home.

On April 14, 1988, journalist Martine Lanctôt presented to us, on the show Montréal ce soir, a report on the journey of Drs. Germain Savard and Martin The beautiful.

Martine Lanctôt points out that the introduction of universal health insurance in Quebec in November 1970 changed medical consultation practices.

Overworked, most family physicians no longer visit their patients and see them instead in their offices or clinics.

Drs Savard and Labelle are therefore part of a increasingly rare species already at that time in Quebec.

They practice home medicine with their patients.

They continue to offer this service for humanitarian reasons and because, In life, it's not just money that counts.

The clientele of the two doctors is mainly made up of seniors and a few children whose parents cannot travel.

For seniors, these home consultations can have a fundamental impact.< /p>

They can ensure that an elderly person continues to live at home and is not institutionalized.

It is of Mrs Pichette.

In fragile health at 94, she can, thanks to visits from Dr. Savard, live with her daughters instead of living in a residence.

For her part, Ms. Labelle, who is a patient of Martin Labelle, has nothing but praise for this doctor.

He practices medicine like in the good old days.

She adds that she would have been proud to have a son like him.

As winter approaches, the inhabitants of Matapédia in Gaspésie feel a great void.

Report by journalist Pierre Cotton on the retirement of Doctor Paul Leblanc from Matapédia

This is what we learn from a report by journalist Pierre Cotton presented on Téléjournal Est du Québec on December 9, 2018.

Dr Paul Leblanc opened his practice in Matapedia in 1966.

The term general practitioner took on a broader meaning with this doctor, who was also often a pharmacist or an obstetrician.

At the age of 82, Dr. Leblanc decided to take a well-deserved retirement on the 9 January 2019.

His patients praise both his kindness and his dedication.

Many are concerned, however, that with his departure they may find themselves without a family doctor. They implore the government to remedy this situation.

At the beginning of January 2022, there was no one to replace Dr. Leblanc in Matapédia.

On October 30, 2004, the Association of French-speaking Physicians of Canada awarded Dr. Vania Jimenez its medal of merit.

This award is in addition to other distinctions she has received both in Quebec and in Canada.

Report by journalist Jacques Bissonnette on Dr. Vania Jimenez of the CLSC de la Côte-des-Neiges in Montreal

This is an opportunity for Le téléjournal/midi, hosted by Martine Defoy, to present a report by journalist Jacques Bissonnette on the woman who is head of medical services at the CLSC in the Montreal district. of Côte-des-Neiges.

As such, Dr. Jimenez devotes herself to one of the most multi-ethnic clienteles in Quebec.

She also emphasizes the importance of encounters in her work with cultural communities that inhabit the neighborhood.

Already in 2004, she noted certain shortcomings in the Quebec health system.

Dr. Jimenez particularly deplores the shortage of nurses and doctors in the province.

Report by journalist Sylvie Fournier on the 15th anniversary of the L'Actuel clinic in downtown Montreal

On October 12, 1999, journalist Sylvie Fournier presents in Montreal this evening a report on the 15th anniversary of the L'Actuel clinic.

Dr. Réjean Thomas is one of the founders of this clinic located in downtown Montreal.

The doctors who work there mainly deal with victims of sexually transmitted diseases and in particular the dreaded HIV responsible for AIDS.

During this report, Dr. Thomas tells how his clinic has sometimes fought for access to care for these patients who are too often marginalized and excluded.

Through its hard work, the L'Actuel clinic has become an international reference in the care of AIDS patients and other people affected by sexually transmitted diseases.

In 2021, according to statistics from the College of Physicians of Quebec, the province has 11,654 family physicians.

In 2020, according to the Federation of General Practitioners of Quebec, there was a shortage of 800 to 1000 family doctors in the Belle Province.

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